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I love that TJ character! This is a book full of fantasy, mystery, and relatable characters.


Rocked by a herculean hurricane three friends, TJ, Andréa, and Cora, get transported to Earth’s twin realm, Alpha, where life as they knew it is gone forever, but it is up to them to fulfill the ancient prophecy, or remain stranded. Reluctant but willing, they attend Gaia School of Awakening where humans are a myth. Taking unique classes, they learn how-to live-in connection with the animal, elemental, and plant kingdoms. Returning home means their dharma is to help both realms of Earth restore the pollution problems humans have created, and pretend they’re not human.

About The Book

Readers will feel a connection with one of the characters. They will begin to discover with them the pure potential of what it means to be a human. How being a human is an asset, not a curse for our planet. We have one place we all share, one earth, one home. It is our responsibility to steward and nurture her.

It was the best book I've read this year. SOOO good!