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Inspire A Vision


Dear Humble Human,

As an author/entrepreneur, I designed this blog to help inspire a vision of a world where communities thrive. Imagine for a moment a place where we find ourselves in connection with all the earth kingdoms; the animal, elemental, and plant. Imagine there is plenty of food for all animals, and humans both on land and in the sea. Imagine clean air, and clean water. Imagine free ranging livestock, chickens who actually have room to roam, and eat the grubs on the land. Imagine humans living in smaller communities where biodiverse farming is normal, and where sustainable practices are conscious choice. We can’t get there without love, gratitude or forgiveness.

 A Vision of Gratitude.

Did you know you are loved beyond measure? Once we feel this self-love, self-appreciation, our natural capacity to be of service ripples out. Our natural abundant state becomes effortless, but gratitude needs cultivation. When you heal yourself we heal the planet.

Though humanity has made many mistakes and scarred the lands, polluted the oceans, and poisoned the air, we are also the solution. When we forgive our past, we can step into a new future. The struggle ends when gratitude begins.

Become a conscious custodian through reverence of our living Earth.

Our blue green planet is the one home we all share. We each have had unique experiences with millions of other living creatures the four-legged wolf, the spiders, the orangutans, whales, and eagles. The time has come for the two-legged human to remember. Let us see them as part of our family, part of all our relations, and strive to be the gentle earth stewards all our ancestors all over the Earth knew how to be.

Gratitude grows when forgiveness flows. Forgiveness can’t flow until we learn to forgive ourselves. When we learn to forgive ourselves, we can forgive others with greater ease. Forgiveness doesn’t equate with forget. It does mean we heal. When we humans heal, the planet does too. Whole healed human = Whole healed planet.

With Gratitude, E.O. Worth