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Worth is a force of nature. She is on a mission to reconnect humans to the Earth, affectionally knows as Gaia!

Service to the Earth is what drives E.O. Worth. Sustainable living and soil regeneration nourishes her soul. Being a world traveler has taught her how to raise awareness of endangered species through work with conservation organizations. She teaches ways to work in service to the Earth, through her consulting and publishing company, Whole Earth Strategies.

E. O. Worth writes stories in service to the Earth. Stories which about harmonious coexistence among humans and our natural world. She has planted milkweed for Monarch butterflies, hiked with wolves, through the Wolf Connection organization and spends time with elephants, and cheetah’s at animal sanctuaries. When opportunity comes she dives in and swims with wild dolphins.

World travel and unique experiences with animals from the kiwi birds in New Zealand to the sacred Ayers Rocks or Uluru Australia, and dog sledding in Norway have deepened her connection with the earth and all creatures who dwell on her.

What inspires E.O. Worth to write about the earth?

Passion for the earth inspires each story piece she writes. The Joy of living on a beautiful planet, rich and abundant with life, animals, plants, and whole humans. Back in 2012 her travels brought her to the San Juan Islands where she first experienced the resident orcas J Pod. Their story has captured her heart, she has made it her mission to help her fellow humans revere the wild orcas, all whales, and dolphins.
The Gaia school of Awakening series took her ten years to write. In that time, she uncovered her self-worth and wants to share her knowledge and experience to empower others.
Worth feels it is her purpose to encourage readers to find their voices and feel empowered to use them.

Which organizations does Worth feel can benefit  from the stories in her books?

    Wolf hike-Wolf Connection, California

Who would we be without the Earth? Celebrate Earth Day everyday…

Love the Earth. Love yourself.

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