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Love over Fear

Humble Human

Dear Humble Human

Picture a light lightening in the sky. What if it never touches the ground? Then no connection is made. The lightening, made to create change, remains stuck in the ether of the clouds, no shifts, no change.

The band Rush said it best:

YOU can CHOOSE FREE Will. If you CHOOSE not to decide you still have made a CHOICE. I will CHOOSE a path that’s clear I Will CHOOSE FREE WILL

Imgagine for a moment that each of us is a cell of awareness perfect and complete when we are awake. Imperfect and incompletel when we are still sleeping in a bed of fear.

A spark that shines from the eyes can ignite a fiery belly that keeps our individual power alive. Yet that fiew can’t ignite if we are not willing to step into the unknown, and face our fears.

Let Love Reign over Fear.

Alive and well in our land. My task is simple to remain grounded, then we can feel connected to something greater than ourselves. Some say source, others say God, or creator. We no longer feel alone, when we recognize there is a greater source, seeped in the greatest power there is, Love.

Love is what created all the Earth Kingdoms. The animal, etheric elemental beings, fire, plants, soil, and water. Our human job is to nurture and care for these kingdoms without fear, instead with connection, cooperation, and harmony. We are here to steward, and be faithful servants of the Earth.

We humans are vessels in the world of pure imagination, and our rational mind is our faithful servant, if only we would remember, -Albert Eistein.