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Whole you, whole Earth

Whole Healthy Human

Dear Humble Human

What’s your why? When it comes to the Earth, it is time to remember we are the stewards. When we prosper the Earth does too. When you read this blog, it is a resource, and it’s also why. Why care?  Find your why. My why comes from a place of feeling worthy to be alive. Worthy enough to feel excited to be a one of the way show-ers who steward others into a sustainable bright, awesome future.

There are plenty or resources on the web who give great insights on the how of what we can do right now in our lives to make a difference. Check out this ecofreek blog here for some incredible resources.

For me being a true steward begins with a healthy whole body. Heal your body, heal the Earth. I use an daily routine from the work of Donna Eden Energy Medicine.

Maintain a healthy Immune system? Check out the video below.