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Worth is a force of nature. A true Guardian for Gaia. An cool athletic author, whose made muddy tracks all over the world.

Service to the Earth is what drives E. O. Worth. She noticed a gap in YA and middle grade stories about how we connect with the Earth. She decided to write stories of harmonious coexistence with the Earth. Stories which harmonize humans with our natural world. Worth became a Guardian for Gaia or mother Earth as a young child, out in the country climbing cherry trees, with her brothers, and in the city she planted lilac bushes with her mother.

All her travels, and different places she’s called home, have given her the opportunity to experience the beauty and compassion the earth gives. Breathing in the salty air from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans howling with wolves in California, and hiking the mountains of Colorado. A few times she’s been lucky to swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii. she has experienced the wonderous playground our planet offers, and shares it in her books.

Worth, has been known as a true Guardian for Gaia. The Gaia School of Awakening Series came from this inspired title. She began writing it in 2011 in the Kitsap Peninsula in the Pacific North West. On the sunny day’s she’d stay outside and write at parks. Daily bike rides, runs, or mediation in a park brings inspiration from the wonders surrounding her each day.

The Animal Whispers Series began on a trip to the San Juan Islands in 2012, when the naturalist shared the stories of J and K pods of the resident orca populations. Compassion flooded her being, when one of the majestic orcas, Ruffles, due to his wavy tail, swam alongside the boat opened his eye, and met hers. She felt the sentient connection, which shaped her perception of all animals in the land, air, and seas.

Each barefoot on the cool grass makes her feel connected to the Earth and brings joy to her being. Unique moments, like practicing sunrise yoga on the beach keeps her heart joyful. She’s inviting you to become a Guardian for Gaia too. Join Team Gaia to receive the newsletter all about events, book release dates, and get cool short stories in your inbox, about every three months, (more if there’s a new book on the way!) Check out her loves in the images below.

    Wolf hike-Wolf Connection, California
    Australia. I have a thing for Ancient Trees!
    Sunset Camel Hike-Ayer’s Rock Australia. Taller than a horse walk!

The Author’s Porch Pod Cast

Who would we be without the Earth? Celebrate Earth Day everyday…

Love the Earth. Love yourself.