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Worth is a force of nature. A true Guardian for Gaia. An cool athletic hippy, whose made tracks all over the world.

E. O. Worth lives to write Earth stories. Stories which harmonize humans and the Earth. She is the founder of Whole Earth Strategies. A Sustainable-Steward consulting company. She shares her passion for sustainable living how to live carbon neutral, and go zero waste at home and in the workplace. Teaching others how we can honor the Earth, she walks her talk. She has planted milkweed for Monarch butterflies, hikes with wolves, through the Wolf Connection organization and spends time with elephants, and cheetah’s at animal sanctuaries, and swims with wild dolphins, every chance she can. Celebrating the Earth brings joy to her being. Daily moments, like dancing barefoot or practicing yoga outside keeps her connected to the Earth. Check out her loves in the images below. Take a listen to her radio interview too.

    Wolf hike-Wolf Connection, California
    Australia. I have a thing for Ancient Trees!
    Sunset Camel Hike-Ayer’s Rock Australia. Taller than a horse walk!

Radio Show Interview

The Author’s Porch Pod Cast

Who would we be without the Earth? Celebrate Earth Day everyday…

Love the Earth. Love yourself.