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The Power of Three Heals the Land, Air, and Sea…

When best friends, TJ, Andréa, and Cora get caught in a herculean hurricane, they find themselves transported to a mysterious secret realm known as Alpha. And if they ever want to return to their old lives, they’ll have to fulfill an secret prophecy. . .Or remain stranded in a strange new realm forever!

Take heed this indigo human tale. Learn how to reconnect with me.
Affectionately, Gaia. Aka, Earth.

Click below to access the experience of magic and mystery. If you join these three champions, as they experience their trail by fire, and unlock humanity’s true potential, I would appreciate a short review, to help spread the word and create raving fans. Thank you for supporting this author!

“The story of Cora, Andréa, and TJ thrills the reader because it is
made up of exploration and discovery. I like the mix of mythology,
ancient religions, and oriental meditation. These elements make
Worth focus on harmony and explain why it is an important topic for
environmental balance.” Astrid I.

Astrid I. Readers' Favorite

"Alice in Wonderland meets Harry Potter.
But instead of fighting evil wizards, they're fighting pollution, and like, Earth destroying mind-sets. The fantasy and mythical creatures, it's like Alice in Wonderland. The magic, the clairs are like Harry Potter."
I can relate to Cora, she's quirky like me.

Whitney C.

“It is a magical fun ride, filled with danger, wonder, and
adventure. One thing that stood out to me about this adventure for
young people was the well-balanced diversity of this team.”

Ray S.

World Mytholology Fantasy

Magical elements inhabit the Earth. The Gaia series leads readers through an realm of unlimited possibilites. full of wonder and mystery. Ancient world mythology has remenants in our modern cultures. I felt it would be fun to see how culture and our relationship with the Earth are connected. Sounds good right? Check out the first book, see if you get hooked.

Earth Steward

Passion for the planet is what inspired this series. Worth is a world citizen, who plunges into ocean conservation, walks with wolves, and digs into dung mixed with food scraps to make soil.. Sounds pretty good, right?

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